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Dental Care (ATP)

At Acoaxet Veterinary Clinic, we recommend an annual dental exam and professional scaling and polishing by one of our professionals to maintain your pet’s healthy teeth and gums.  Your dog or cat is at risk for the same oral disease as you, and proactive dental care will have a significant positive impact on your dog or cat’s overall health, comfort and lifespan. With annual professional cleanings under anesthesia and dental treatments as needed, much of oral disease during the lifetime of your pet can be prevented. 

Cat brushing teeth
Cat brushing teeth

Our Annual Preventative Dental Exam and Professional Scaling and Polishing Process

Our annual, preventative dental exam process:

  • Your pet will receive a comprehensive visual oral exam during which your pet’s whole mouth and each tooth is evaluated, and a blood test to check the health status of your pet’s vital organs. 

  • Your pet will be placed under sedation for comfort, then anesthesia for the digital x-rays and dental procedure.  Your pet will be visually watched closely and monitored through state of the art anesthesia monitoring equipment.

  • While asleep, we will take digital radiographs of your pet’s teeth, gums and mouth to identify any hidden problems that may need advanced treatment and evaluate your dog’s gums and teeth with a periodontal probe.

  • We will scale each tooth above and below the gum line using advanced ultrasonic equipment and hand scaling techniques to remove plaque and calculus.

  • We will polish each tooth to delay the re-attachment of plaque/calculus by smoothing the tooth surface after scaling is completed.

  • The exam findings may be discussed with you while your pet is still under anesthesia so that the best treatment decisions can be provided. 

  • We will contact you once the procedure has been completed, and your pet is usually sent home the day of the procedure.

  • Medication(s) and after-care instructions will be explained to you and follow up visits are scheduled at the time your pet is discharged and you pick up your pet.